Welcome back to Redwood Meadows Golf and Country Club 2018 Season.   Redwood Meadows Members Club Executive this year consists of:

Marco Marchitelli – President

Bob Dealy - Past President

Jim Sawers – Secretary

Erik Bundgaard – Treasurer

David Wattleworth – Club Captain & Tournament Chair

Colleen Borggard – Ladies Delegate

Bruce Hamilton – Member at Large

Mike Banning– Member at Large

Verna Wallace – Member at Large

President’s Message

I would like to thank Bob Dealy and the Executive Committee for asking me to succeed him as President.  I am looking forward to acting on behalf of all our Members and I am sure it is going to be a great experience. We are very fortunate to have so many who are willing to help make Redwood the great club that we are all very proud to be members. A special thank-you to our Superintendent Ryan Whitney, for his excellent work having the course in great condition, and Kevin Black and his team for their hard work and dedication to the Club.

To all our members good health and great golf for 2018.

Marco Marchitelli

Treasurer's Message

Welcome to Redwood. A portion of your golf dues ($115.00) goes to the Redwood Meadows Members Club, a not-for-profit organization of the members of the golf course. Approximately half of these dues go to subsidize tournaments conducted by and for the membership. Another quarter or so covers affiliation with the RCGA, Alberta & Calgary golf associations. The remainder goes to items such as: GGGolf tee-sheet/on-line booking system, hole-in-one member "insurance" and other admin. For those that want more detail, a copy of our most recent financial review is on our web-site under Member Info.

Erik Bundgaard

Club Captain & Tournament Chair

Welcome to the 2018 season at Redwood Meadows.  To all new members this year, a special welcome and I hope you enjoy everything that Redwood has to offer.

 Now that the long, cold and snowy winter is finally over, let’s all hope for a summer similar to last year that provided us endless sun and hot weather, allowing all our scheduled tournaments to be very successful.

 Once again, our tournaments have been set and the schedule is available on the website. To help the organizers of our tournaments and to assist the pro shop, please remember to register early and before the scheduled closing of registration.  Late entries into tournaments cause unforeseen problems, so please register and pay on time (no pay, no play).

 To enter any tournament, you will need an up-to-date handicap.  All your scores need to be entered into either GGGolf or Golf Canada handicap systems.  Members with less than 80% of their scores not recorded into the system, will not be allowed to enter a tournament.  As club captain, I will be viewing members’ handicaps to ensure everyone is eligible to enter any specific tournament.

 Let’s hope for a most enjoyable season, and I look forward to seeing you all around the course and the club house.

 Happy golfing

 Dave Wattleworth

Ladies Delegate

Welcome back to Redwood!!  Our 2018 Opening Tournament will be on Sunday, May 20 and we hope to see you there!!

The Business’ and the Tuesday Day Ladies Leagues have started.  All of the Interclub leagues have also commenced.  Interclub coordinators are still looking for players so be sure to check the RW calendar of events and email the coordinator if you are interested.  Be sure to sign up using the information below. 

The purpose of the Redwood Ladies Club is to provide opportunities and venues for Redwood Ladies to golf together for fun, camaraderie, friendly competition and tournament competition with both Redwood Ladies and/or other local lady golfers. 

We are looking forward to working with Kevin, Ryan, Rob and all their staff to make the year a memorable one.  Thank you to all our fabulous volunteers, and thank you to everyone that is committing their time to make Redwood a fun place to play golf!!!

Enter a tournament through GGGolf using either Calendar or Tournaments (Tournament Schedule or Tournaments Available for Sign Up).  Access GGGolf by clicking here.  

To View the ladies interclub schedule click here.  

Have any questions or comments please contact us at ladiesclub@redwoodmembers.ca.  

Colleen Borggard

Pro Shop Info

Welcome back for 2018, it is great to be playing again after our extended winter.  Thank you to our awesome grounds crew for all of their hard work.  Mike and I spent the start of April watching the crew move 3 feet of snow and chip another 6 inches of ice from the greens to get them a little bit of sun.  Thanks to their efforts we will soon be in top shape for another year. 

I am proud to have our Pro Shop team returning for its 4th season with the addition of a new Professional: Kent Fukushima.  Kent come to us after multiple seasons on the Canadian Tour as a player and the trusted maker of the tour’s yardage books.  He also spent some time on the bag of some top PGA players. Kent continues to produces his books for some major tours while coaching students of all abilities.  He will be working part time in the pro shop and is available for lessons.

We have expanded our iron fitting capabilities this season with fit carts from Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, PXG and Cleveland.  We also have Flightscope technology available to help fine tune and compare.

Some new and exciting products for this season include:

Taylormade M3/M4 with Twist Face

PXG Gen 2 Irons

Ping G400

Cleveland CBX Wedge – for players who use cavity back irons

Matte Grey Clothing for Men

Tribal Clothing for Ladies

Upcoming Demo Days

Saturday June 2 – Callaway – Ping – Tour Edge

Saturday June 9 – Footjoy Fit Day

I look forward to seeing you all very soon and a wonderful 2018 season.

 Kevin Black, Head Professional

Turf Department

Hello Members…

Well I hope you all had a better winter then our golf course!!! ☹

As most of you have seen after this opening weekend we were hit with a lot of ice damage on our greens, tees and fairways, pretty much every hole has some kind of ice damage on one of theses areas.

Its hard to say when we accumulated all the ice, it could have been the November rain we had.  Or just the amount of snow accumulation we received, probably contributed to this damage. We had snow coverage for almost 7 months here at Redwood this winter. We are not the only course to be affected as a few of the courses in our area also have been hit hard with the ice damage.  

Myself and my crew have been working hard this last month to get all the snow and ice off the greens and to over seed all the areas on greens and tees that have ice damage. I ask all members to try avoid these areas on the greens, if you can walk around them and not over will help the little seedlings grow faster. We will start plugging some areas on greens these next coming weeks to try and get a few more pin locations. I thought about re-soding some greens but I have decided to just wait and see how the seeding goes because in the past here at Redwood the poa always comes back we just need the heat and to be patient.

I know our Sr membership know all about ice damage out here. Myself and my staff have been through it before so we are confident that we can get these greens back to the beautiful poa/bentgrass greens we all know and love.

All other projects I have scheduled for this season will be put on hold till we get these greens back in good shape.

On a brighter note we have received our New Toro/Yamaha Equipment. New mowers this year and an upgrade in our utility carts. We are excited to get them out soon for the first cut of the year this week.

 I look forward to seeing all of you out on the course soon.


Ryan Whitney

Food & beverage

For those of you who do not know me, my name is Robert Hartley and I have pursued cooking professionally for over 20 years as a chef. My career has taken me to restaurants in Halifax, Boston, New York, Vancouver, Yellowknife, and Calgary. Now, after two seasons of working at the Redwood Meadows Clubhouse, I am excited to be taking it over, with the help of my Sous Chef. The Beninger group will no longer be with us. 

 I am pleased to announce the return of Riley Kurtz as my Sous Chef this year. Riley has been apart of the Redwood Meadow’s kitchen team for two seasons and she is excited to be working alongside myself to help elevate and refine the Clubhouse events and menus this summer. 

 I’m also happy to be welcoming back Sorrel this year in the role of assistant manager. Sorrel has been an influential and talented part of the food and beverage team for the past three years and I’m grateful she decided to come back this year to be apart of our management. 

 We have a lot of new and exciting ideas for this years menu, including the revamp of the tournament menus, which will now include more choices for all. This year we have a newly renovated kitchen and we have been finishing the renovations in the halfway house that were started last year.

 Just a little update on the liquor licence situation for everyone. Because we were not just renewing an existing license we are required to have a fire inspection and that has taken longer than we expected. Fingers crossed and a little magic from Paddy it looks like we will have all the paperwork we need to proceed on Monday and are hoping to have our licence by Tuesday. The restaurant will be open on Tuesday regardless. I do apologize for the delay to all our members and I thank you all for your patience.

 We are looking forward to winning over your taste buds and are excited about building a relationship with the membership this summer. 

Robert Hartley & the Redwood Team