President's Message

Already the end of June and our course is in fantastic shape.  Ryan and his crew have done an outstanding job. It is great to see all the same faces in the Pro Shop. Kevin and his staff have been very helpful as usual. The Club house also has lots of familiar faces. Brett has done a fine job with the new arrangements with the 10th Tee Kiosk. Great way to start your round is hit warm up shots on the range and then grab a breakfast sandwich for you walk back to the First Tee.

Please welcome Marco Marchitelli as your new Vice President. Marco can be seen around the course, so feel free to introduce yourself to him.

Have a great round.

Bob Dealy

Club Captain & Tournament Chair

We are well into our 2017 season. The course is in great shape, thanks to Ryan and his crew, and the weather has been favourable for most of May and June. Let’s hope it stays this way.

We have completed two men’s tournaments and one ladies’ tournament, plus many men’s and Ladies’ interclub matches have already taken place. Congratulations to the tournament winners, and thanks to all who have participated in these club events. Winners of all tournaments are posted, along with photos, on GGGolf under Tournament Results. 

Several members have questioned the white, red and yellow markings on the course. Myself, along with Ryan and Kevin, have implemented some changes.  For Example:

All white stakes between the course and the homeowner’s yards are somewhat of an ongoing problem. For these boundaries, Ryan will work on determining the correct location of these OB stakes. This mainly applies to holes, 2, 3 and behind hole 8.

 Hole 9. The red lateral hazard stakes will be removed, and the treed area to the right of the hole will no longer be deemed a hazard. Therefore, if you hit your shot to the right, you can hit a provisional ball, then decide if you want to look for your first shot or deem it lost.

 Hole 12. The Hazard behind the green will be marked as a red staked lateral hazard.

 Hole 13. Left side of cart path will be marked as a red staked lateral hazard.

 Hole 14. Along the left side the red stakes marking the lateral hazard will remain, but will be extended along the left side of the cart path on the left side of the green. Also, any ball hit left, but does not enter the water, is still deemed to be in a hazard. Therefore, should you decide to cross the water and look for your ball, do not ground your club, you are in the hazard.

 Hole 15. The hazard behind the green will be marked as a red staked lateral hazard.

 The club championships are coming up soon, please enter when the registration notices are posted. These are the largest events of the season and early registration helps in planning and deciding the flights. Some changes are planned to make it more enjoyable for all who enter.

As for handicaps, GGGolf provides us a very good way of entering our scores and keeping our handicaps up to date. It has been noticed that not everyone is entering all their scores. Your games entered should be at 100%, if you don’t enter a score, there is a “reason for not entering” available in GGGolf. Please keep your handicap up to date and in line with games played. 

Detailed information on how enter your scores and/or reason for not entering scores can be found on GGGolf in FAQ's for GGGolf selection on the Home Page when you sign in.

 Enjoy your golf and the great course we have at Redwood.

 Dave Wattleworth

Club Captain and Tournament Director.

Ladies Delegate

The 2017 season is off to a great start!! The 2017 Ladies Opening was well attended and too much fun was had by all. The ladies leagues (Tuesday Day Ladies, Business Ladies) and five interclubs are in full swing, We are proud to show case Redwood to our guests, thank you to Ryan and his team!!

Don’t forget to use the Redwood Meadows web site Calendar of Events. All tournaments and interclubs are listed on the Calendar.  

The Stampede Mixed will be held on Saturday, July 8, be sure to reserve your spot soon. Our next ladies tournament will be the 2017 Ladies Club Championship on Sunday, August 6 and Monday, August 7. Sign up will be available through GGGolf by clicking on the event under Tournaments. Sign up is a two part process, you must register and then make the payment. If you prefer, you can drop off a cheque in Locker 94 in the ladies locker room. Please place your cheque in the envelopes provided and indicate the tournament you are registering for.    

The next Saturday ladies group golf clinic is July 15, sign up on GGGolf under Tournaments for the Ladies Clinic. Don’t forget to mark your calendar for the Redwood Meadows Ladies Member Guest on Thursday, August 31.

Of course none of these events would be organized without our fabulous volunteers, thank you to everyone that is committing their time to make Redwood a fun place to play golf!!!

The purpose of the Redwood Ladies Club is to provide opportunities and venues for Redwood Ladies to golf together for fun, camaraderie, friendly competition and tournament competition with both Redwood Ladies and/or other local lady golfers.

Have any questions or comments please contact us at

Colleen Borggard

Food & beverage

Friday Night Pasta!

Join us every Friday after 5pm for ten select dishes of gourmet pasta. All pastas are cooked to order, meaning no precooked noodles or sauces! 

 The Snack Shack now has an order in number. Text or call 587-888-4650 to order food items before you arrive at the half way mark, particularly grill items such as breakfast sandwiches or turkey clubs. This is a great way to pick up a hot meal that takes longer to cook when you are crunched for time.

The Point Restaurant

Pro Shop Info

July is here and the season is flying by. We are excited to have the course in such great shape and hope the reports of a hot, dry summer are correct.

This year we have made a significant upgrade to our club fitting capabilities with the purchase of a Flightscope X2 launch monitor. The Flightscope offers 27 unique measurements of ball, club and swing data that apply to club fitting, teaching, and testing. It has helped us realize distance gains of 10 – 20 yards with a number of customers. It can also be used as an additional tool during a lesson to see exactly what the club is doing through the swing or you could set up a testing session to find out information such as how far your clubs carry or to compare ball performance etc.

As we approach Club Championships I would like to know if there would be interest in having an open discussion/clinic about competitive golf. Here we could discuss a variety of topics including but not limited to course management, preparation, mental game, first tee jitters, handling adversity and rules. Please let me know if you would find this beneficial as we would be happy to share our experience and answer any questions you may have.

On July 9 & 10 Redwood will be hosting the PGA of Alberta Players Tour featuring about 40 of the top professional players in the province including Murray and myself and on July 17 we will have the Calgary Senior Men’s Championship. We would love see a number of our senior men representing Redwood. Other upcoming events and course closures can be found on the GGGolf Calendar.

Thank you for your patience as GGGolf works to diagnose the reason the member booking site has been shutting down. We understand and share in your frustration and hope that GGGolf is able to discover a permanent solution as soon as possible. Please note that although the message states that the club’s internet connection is down, this has not been the case. If you do get this message, please call the Proshop to book your time as our system to this point has always been operational. We may miss calls during busy times so please try again and will do our best to handle everyone’s request.

Thank you for your support, we look forward to a great summer!

 Kevin Black, Head Professional

GGGolf More than just a Tee Sheet

We are well into our use of GGGolf this season including handicapping and tournament (and league registration) modules. While some like to explore options, most do not. Having said that, the Executive would like to point out a few handy options. Our comments below are computer based as the smartphone Apps are currently a work in progress.

A useful function (if you are maintaining a handicap) is entering your scores.  GGGolf is synchronized with Golf Canada. Thus to enter your scoring detail, simply log in to GGGolf and locate the date of play on the Calendar. After your tee-time, a “Hcp?”appears besides your tee-time. Clicking this brings up a streamlined form similar to that in Golf Canada. The advantage is ease of use and the date of play is automatically entered.

In addition, the tournament module has been received very positively. To access, click on Tournaments, then select Tournament Schedule. You can then find the event desired and then click on the blue icon in order to register. There are usually 10-12 events shown. You can cut this list down by using the dropdown menu at the top (Type of Event) and which defaults to All. You can select a category (ie, Tuesday Ladies, Mens Senior activities, etc). Not all the categories are being used so check them out to determine which ones work best for you. Note we will be using Mens Activities for all Men’s tournaments.

For more information, we have begun a FAQ with a link on your GGGolf Home page. If you have any questions on topics not covered, please contact the Members Club.

GGGolf will be the preferred method to communicate with the membership. Please keep your profile up to date using the My Profile selection within GGGolf specifically any new or changed e-mail addresses. If you do not wish to receive communication from the Members Club please send a note to to unsubscribe.


As you know, since the beginning of the season, GGGolf has experienced intermittent problems on the Redwood Meadows server, usually between 8:45pm and 9:00pm. One simple logon transaction from the member site or GGGolf Apps would hang for almost 3 hours with no apparent reason and block all subsequent requests. GGGolf has temporarily solved the problem by running a second program that communicates with the web servers which has proven to be effective in preventing the issue. GGGolf continues to work on a permanent solution to this problem in order get it resolved as soon as possible and continue providing outstanding member services.

Turf Department

What is Happening in the Turf Department!!!!!

Hello Members:

Hope your spring golf has been good to you. I myself have been able to play a few more times then I normally can this early in the season 😊.

We are off to a great start here in the turf department. With 95% of my staff returning from the last couple seasons, has made it easier on myself and my senior staff, to focus on the maintenance of the golf course.

With the greens in great shape coming out of the winter it has allowed us to get a few course improvements completed and done in the first month of being open.

Course Improvement’s done so far, this season:

  • New Putting Green constructed by 10th Tee (opening late July)
  • Flower/Shrub bed constructed by 13th Tee
  • Low Spot fixed/leveled on 9 Fairway & by 9 green cart path (green side)
  • Flowers added to a number of flower beds
  • New flower bed by entrance to club house by the Welcome to Redwood Rock under spruce trees
  • Pot Hole Repair as best we can we have used 5 Barrels of asphalt trying to make your cart ride a little smoother

Course Improvement’s still to come this season:

  • #4 Green right side project will consist of the following
  1. Sand Trap reshape (make smaller)
  2. Add wood chip tree well around rock & tree
  3. Sod area right to cart path
  • New Flag Poles will be installed by the big white rock by Club House which will carry the Tsuu T'ina Nation Flag and the Redwood Meadows Flag


I will not be doing any aeration till after the Club Championships this year.  Instead I will be doing a slicing in early August.   This will provide minimal interruption to green speed and playability.

I have also started a verticut program. We will verticut every Monday to try andkeep green speeds consistent and fast 😊

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer 😊


Ryan Whitney, Superintendent

Redwood Meadows, Golf & Country Club